In the last decade, Allan Starkie has been asked to author articles relating to the Wealth Management Industry. A number of the articles are included below.

Family Wealth Report

Here is part one of a guest article about compensation trends in the wealth management industry. His insights reflect the presentation he made earlier this month at the annual American Bankers Association, Wealth Management and Trust Conference.


Allan Starkie discusses the factors contributing to the overall slowing of the recruitment process for hiring in the wealth management industry, notably that of exhaustion in multiple contexts.


Allan Starkie discusses the decline in portability of asset management relationships and offers a more structured approach based on specificity and connectivity. The implementation of both should ensure that the portability assessments live up to expectations

Inside IMCA

This article by Allan Starkie speaks to the recruitment process of top-level advisors in a shifting industry and the various platform types that act as differentiators for candidates


This article discusses the surprisingly positive conditions and forecasts of the wealth management industry at the start of the 2008 recession despite the uncertainties that consumed the marketplace.

Private Asset Management

Allan Starkie’s article explores the shifting role of the wealth management sales force as it is forced to conform to the client-centric mold of the increasingly preferred advisory firms.