Our Process

A Winning Strategy

We have created a streamlined process that creates the most comprehensive candidate pool, in the shortest period of time, with the most transparency possible.

During this entire period, Knightsbridge Advisors will:

  • Provide detailed weekly report summary
  • Matrix of candidates in progress
  • Complete research product, listing all viable prospective candidates, and their reaction to our calls

Step One

(Days 1-14)

  • Study platform and culture of client
  • Review/revise job description
  • Review/revise compensation
  • Develop “Target List” of firms which will provide the most viable candidates

Step Two

(Days 14-30)

STEP 2A: Research Team breaks down the org charts of targeted firms, producing research list with the following data:

  • Names of prospective candidates
  • Job title
  • Direct dial phone number

STEP 2B: Concurrently we perform a search of our proprietary database of 10,000 wealth management professionals, using key words/geography.

Step Three

(Days 21-60)

Research/execution contacts all the prospective candidates identified in steps 2A and 2B; typically this will be 300 to 500 candidates.

Step Four

(Days 21-60)

  • All prospective candidates deemed to be potentially viable by research/execution are turned over to Allan Starkie for a series of interviews and screenings
  • A slate of candidates will be presented; typically between 6 and 10

Step Five

(Days 45-80)

  • KBA will schedule candidate interviews with the client’s interview team
  • KBA will consolidate and report feedback

Step Six

(Days 45-80)

  • KBA will negotiate an offer, on behalf of the client
  • KBA will perform background and reference check on the successful candidate

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