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Executive Search

We are committed to always offering a diverse slate of candidates. We guarantee our placements, and we complete every retained search. Once retained we often say — half-jokingly — that you will require a restraining order to stop us from completing the retained search.

Compensation Studies & Consulting

Each quarter we tabulate the compensation plans from all major private client groups. We use this information to create compensation plans for our clients tailored to their particular needs and goals. Our plans include compensation recommendations for all levels of management as well as client-facing, revenue-bearing professionals. We have authored many articles in industry periodicals on compensation trends and models.

Management Consulting

We can perform tailored market intelligence projects against targeted firms, as well as internal analysis of the competitiveness of our clients’ compensation and structural models.

M&A Support

Our intimate, daily interaction with the majority of private client groups places us in a unique position to identify and approach firms that would provide excellent non-organic growth possibilities to our clients.

Double the placement success in half the time of the industry average (as advertised by our competitors).

3-Year Retention Rate of Placed Candidates0%
Diversity Candidates Presented0%

Average Days to Completion

Knightsbridge in the News

In the last decade, Allan Starkie has been asked to author articles relating to the Wealth Management Industry. A number of the articles are included below.

Family Wealth Report

Allan Starkie PhD, a partner at Knightsbridge Advisors writes about the kind of considerations that need to be held in mind when assessing advisors, including in the process of M&A deals where wealth management firms are in play.

Investments & Wealth Monitor

This article discusses fundamental changes in the compensation models throughout the wealth management industry in this op-ed featured in the November/ December 2015 newsletter from Investment Management Consultants Association (IMCA).

Family Wealth Report

Here is part two of a guest article about compensation trends within the wealth management industry. It reflects the presentation he made earlier this month at the annual American Bankers Association, Wealth Management and Trust Conference.

Family Wealth Report

Here is part one of a guest article about compensation trends in the wealth management industry. His insights reflect the presentation he made earlier this month at the annual American Bankers Association, Wealth Management and Trust Conference.


Allan Starkie discusses the factors contributing to the overall slowing of the recruitment process for hiring in the wealth management industry, notably that of exhaustion in multiple contexts.


Allan Starkie discusses the decline in portability of asset management relationships and offers a more structured approach based on specificity and connectivity. The implementation of both should ensure that the portability assessments live up to expectations.

Inside IMCA

This article by Allan Starkie speaks to the recruitment process of top-level advisors in a shifting industry and the various platform types that act as differentiators for candidates.


This article discusses the surprisingly positive conditions and forecasts of the wealth management industry at the start of the 2008 recession despite the uncertainties that consumed the marketplace.

The Monitor

Allan Starkie discusses how the investment advisor of the near future needs to be proficient in a formidable number of products and services to orchestrate the holistic delivery of comprehensive wealth management.

Private Asset Management

Allan Starkie’s article explores the shifting role of the wealth management sales force as it is forced to conform to the client-centric mold of the increasingly preferred advisory firms.

ABA Banking Journal

This article by Allan Starkie addresses the difficulties of how to measure the success of an institution’s sales force due to the lack of an identical platform to compare performance and offers an objective solution to this problem

Private Asset Management

This article by Allan Starkie argues that the “million dollar producer” remains a myth and should not be used as an industry benchmark. It goes on to discuss the pointlessness of attempting to compare the relative success of professionals from differing sales models based on annual revenue production.

Books by Allan Starkie

A Date With Death

Non-fiction book about the notorious murder of Thomas Cressman by a member of the Royal Household.

Jet Set: Memoir of an International Playboy

This book chronicles the life of playboy, Massimo Gargia, and has earned number one bestselling biography in France, as well as bestselling in the US and Italy.

Fergie: Her Secret Life

London Times and International best seller about the author’s tempestuous relationship with Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of York.